Airport Garden Hotel Narita

〒286-0221 651 Nanae,Tomisato,Chiba Prefecture
Support Hotline +81-0476-90-3888

ADD: 〒286-0221 651 Nanae,Tomisato,Chiba Prefecture

TEL : +81-0476-90-3888

FAX : +81-0476-90-5888


Hotel Introduction

Narita Airport Garden Hotel is located in Furei City, Chiton-651, Tokyo Narita International Airport, a straight line distance of 8 km, 15-20 minutes by car. The hotel is located in Fuli City, close to downtown Tokyo and 40-50 minutes drive to downtown Tokyo. Convenient location advantages.

ADD : 〒286-0221 651 Nanae,Tomisato,Chiba Prefecture
TEL : +81-0476-90-3888
FAX : +81-0476-90-5888

Hotel environment

The hotel has a total of 123 rooms, 97 double rooms, 3 large bed rooms, 18 single rooms. There are 6 separate 2-storey villas. The hotel has a swimming pool, tennis courts, travel goods store and sauna.


Aste the food

The hotel has a total of two dining areas, the first floor of Hall 1 has a restaurant for breakfast and dinner.

Play around

Narita International Airport, as well as the famous Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, is 20-minute drive away.

Shopping mall

Drive about 20 minutes, you can reach the "AEON" and "Shisui" two shopping places.

Attention chi

Tokyo Branch Office

Address:135-0047 6/7 Nishimura Building, 2-11-18 Tomioka, Koto Ward, Tokyo



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