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〒651-1522 2150 Ozocho,Kamiozo,kita Ward,Kobe,Hyogo Prefecture
Support Hotline +81-078-954-1000

ADD: 〒651-1522 2150 Ozocho,Kamiozo,kita Ward,Kobe,Hyogo Prefecture

TEL : +81-078-954-1000

FAX : +81-078-954-1020

WEB:< http://hotel-fruitflower.jp/>

Hotel Introduction

Located in Kobe, the Hotel Fruit Flower was built in 1993. Its facade is an imitation of the Dutch National Museum, which shows magnificent Gothic church architectural style.

ADD: 〒651-1522 2150 Ozocho,Kamiozo,kita Ward,Kobe,Hyogo Prefecture
TEL : +81-078-954-1000
FAX : +81-078-954-1020
WEB:< http://hotel-fruitflower.jp/ >

Hotel environment

The hotel has a large conference hall for 100-200 people, a banquet room for 20 people and 50 people, an independent wooden church and wedding hall. All of these can be used to host weddings, meetings, banquets and group dining.
The hotel has a total of 135 rooms. Among them, there are 62 washitsu, which are traditional rooms full of Japanese atmosphere. There are 70 rooms in the outer space, covering more than 30 square meters. Hotel VIP rooms for VIP set up three sets, can accommodate 2-3 people, interior design gorgeous style, to meet the VIP guests accommodation needs.
The natural hot spring in the hotel is the Okuma hot spring soup, which is equivalent to the Arima Onsen, one of Japan's three hot springs. There are 9 kinds of hot springs pool in the museum, among which the best-known golden soup is reddish-brown and rich in minerals, which have effects on patients with chills, lumbago, arthralgia and allergic skin, famous in Kobe and Kansai regions.

Aste the food

Kaohsiung Castle Garden Hotel is equipped with a buffet restaurant in Yangzhong. There are more than 60 varieties of dishes, the most popular of which is grilled steak and Kobe Japanese specialties. The hotel has more than 10 foreign ballrooms and can accommodate a variety of banquet and group meals. Another distinctive area of the hotel is the BBQ House, which features indoor and outdoor barbecue areas, which can serve thousands of self-service barbecue. The barbecue area is open throughout the day and is popular with local tourists.

Play around

There are more than 10 rides in the park amusement park. Hotel orchard throughout the year to open fruit picking project, allowing guests to participate, and enjoy picking fun. In the winter, the hotel is open to the 3D Phantom Lights. Guests who walk into the "Winter Walk of Fame" are shrouded in a fascinating world of colors. It is an unparalleled beauty. If it coincides with Christmas, the atmosphere is more intense.

Shopping mall

It is worth mentioning that Kobe Mita's Outlets and AEON mall are only 10-minute drive away, providing a comfortable shopping experience and experiencing Japan's supreme service concept.

Attention chi

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