Hotel Sekia

〒861-0804 Sekia Hills,Nankan-machi,Tamana-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture
Support Hotline 0968-69-6111

ADD: 〒861-0804 Sekia Hills,Nankan-machi,Tamana-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture

TEL : +0968-69-6111

FAX : +0968-69-6116


Hotel Introduction

Hotel Sekia was opened in 1998, it is the largest resort hotel in Kitakyushu Island. The hotel covers an area of about 600,000 square meters, it can meet 600-800 people's accommodation and dining needs.
The southern European architecture blends with the natural environment and draws a charming picture of leisure and harmony. The hotel's natural hot springs and Kyushu cuisine enjoy a great reputation in the area.


ADD: 〒861-0804 Sekia Hills,Nankan-machi,Tamana-gun,Kumamoto Prefecture

TEL : +0968-69-6111

FAX : +0968-69-6116


Hotel environment

The hotel has a total of 178 guest rooms, 42 double rooms, 18 single rooms, 68 foreign-style rooms, 34 triple rooms, 8 tatami rooms, 16 deluxe suites, and it has 2 big banquet hall. One of them has 700m2 that could contain 440 for feast, the other one with room banquet room has 600m2 that could have 360 people holding a Japanese banquet. We have 11 Yamato small banquet rooms, each can be used for 40 persons’ Japanese banquet, and 5 western small banquet room for 40-80 persons taking meal. There is an independent church. It could hold a Japanese wedding for about 100 persons, and for an outdoor wedding ceremony treating guests from Japan and other countries with pleasure of outdoor bath warm spring and indoor natural warm spring.




Hotel Sekia is complemented by separate churches and indoor and outdoor wedding parlors, each year hosting a one-stop-shop for wedding guests from Japan and around the world.


Aste the food

Hotel Sekia is the most famous buffet in Kyushu. The hotel hires Kyushu's best cooks to cook near white plains and foreign dishes for both guests.


Play around

Fukuoka Resort offers impeccable service and all the essential amenities to invigorate travelers. The Fukuoka Resort Hotel boasts a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service. After a busy day, relax and join the hotel's wellness program. Go to the hotel open-air swimming pool, gymnasium, playground (bowling alley, tennis hall, mini golf), mountain bike ride to the mountains. There are many famous attractions near the hotel for tourists to enjoy,such as Mount Aso, grass miles, sea prison,Jinlin Lake, Kikuchi Valley and so on.

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