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CHI Co., Ltd. was established more than 28 years ago, the Group owns thousands of employees. So far the Group has operated more than a dozen large and medium-sized resort hotels and golf courses throughout Japan. It also operates travel agency teams, bus operations team, tour guide service teams with rich experience and overseas one-stop wedding, banquet and other resources. The group coordinates a number of local travel agency to undertake all kinds of the tourism business in Japan. Provide you with the most comprehensive and assured service from tiny subtleties.


Owns and operates a dozen of large and medium-size resort hotels and golf courses in Japan


Apply visa, hotel reservation, undertake large wedding, wedding party, VIP services and so on.


CHI provides you with the most comprehensive and assured service from details

To make "Chinese Business" bigger and stronger in Japan
——A note on Chinese entrepreneur in Japan-Lu Qiqiang

Lu Qiqiang, CHI President & Representative Director, was born in Beijing in 1962. He studied piano and music since childhood. He is the founder of China's first private music school - China Music School. In the 80s of last century, he went to Japan, and founded CHI Co., Ltd. in 1988.

He owns and operates more than 10 large and medium-sized hotels and golf clubs in Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Osaka, Kyushu and other places. In addition, he owns many related enterprises such as sightseeing bus company, travel agency, newspapers office and so on. Lu Qiqiang has opened several Japanese language schools such as Tokyo Nihonbashi Institute of Foreign Language, Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages, Tokyo Shibaura Institute of Foreign Language and other Japanese schools. At the same time, he also served as a director of the Japanese version of "People's Daily Overseas Edition Japan monthly". He is the most representative and influential Chinese entrepreneur in Japan.

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